Furnishing spaces that motivate inspire work

CFI creates spaces that delight and support people.

We work at the intersection of architecture, furniture, and technology– empowering people to do their best work. The integration of these elements are critical to the success of any space and our expert team is here to bring it all together.

We’ve furnished millions of square feet throughout North America for businesses, educational institutions, government entities, healthcare organizations and non-profits.

When working together you can expect responsive and thoughtful collaboration leading to consistent, high-quality results. We’re reliable, responsible, and take extreme ownership. We’re at your service and ready to create.

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Our Process

Optimizing your space is a collaborative, iterative process. As interior integrators we’re here to lead you from ideation to installation with our holistic suite of services including product curation, space planning, project management, installation, preventative maintenance, and repair. Our process teases out your priorities, simplifies the complex, and creates consistent high-quality outcomes.


We are design led. Our design team will be engaged for every step of the creation process.
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We strategically purchase from hundreds of suppliers to bring the vision into reality.
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Construction is a composition of coordination. Our project management team is hands-on, collaborative, and deeply knowledgeable of the impact furniture has on the built environment.
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Organizations evolve and spaces must adapt. We’re here for all of it.
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Products are the manifestation of ideas in space. They’re how we execute on our vision and turn ideas into actions. Through furniture, architectural interiors, collaborative technology, and sustainable practices, our quality products allow us to execute on our promises and create spaces where people love to be.


We source products from Haworth and their expansive family of high-quality brands along with products from hundreds of other supportive suppliers.


Integrating architectural walls with furniture, technology, and acoustical products we create flexible, performance-based space.


The M10 is a unique and novel way to collaborate. This all-in-one audiovisual solution with built-in laser projector and embedded sound system eliminates the need for fixed installation - saving both time and money in construction.


Our industry is incentivized to create waste and we hate that. We work hard to do what is hard-- fight inertia and minimize waste.