Products are the manifestation of ideas in space. They’re how we execute on our vision and turn ideas into actions. Through furniture, architectural interiors, collaborative technology, and sustainable practices, our quality products allow us to execute on our promises and create spaces where people love to be.


We source products from Haworth and their expansive family of high-quality brands along with products from hundreds of other supportive suppliers. Pairing our deep industry knowledge with leading software, we efficiently filter thousands of reputable suppliers by multiple performance criteria to ensure our clients get the best solutions. We work to understand your functional needs, aesthetic tastes, cost and timing constraints so we can curate solutions that synthesize these different demands into a cohesive and tailored space.

Architectural Interiors

Integrating architectural walls with furniture, technology, and acoustical products we create flexible, performance-based space. We work with many different suppliers to create a sense of presence and permanence while ensuring your endless ability to adapt and focus.


The M10 is a unique and novel way to collaborate. This all-in-one audiovisual solution with built-in laser projector and embedded sound system eliminates the need for fixed installation – saving both time and money in construction.


Our industry is incentivized to create waste and we hate that. We work hard to do what is hard– fight inertia and minimize waste. We source from suppliers that use best practices in manufacturing and material sourcing from a sustainable and ethical point of view. We help clients reuse, refinish, reupholster, and resell their existing products. We’re here for a good time and long time.

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