About CFI

CFI is your workplace advisor, integrator, and partner. We’re here to create great spaces and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone working with us. We’ve furnished millions of square feet throughout North America for businesses, educational institutions, government entities, healthcare organizations and non-profits with millions more to go.

We’ve always subscribed to the “don’t talk about it, be about it” mindset. Since our founding in 1994 we’ve valued relationships over transactions and have grown our business to support the needs of our diverse clients with our expert team of do-ers. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Our Core Values

High standards are a way of life for us. We are committed, professional, and always forward-looking in order to assist you. We are proud of the positive influence we have on our clients and our community.


We value relationships over transactions. We strive to create relationships built on reliability and trust with our clients, coworkers, contractors, and community.


We remain flexible and welcome new challenges, new ideas, and new perspectives.


We are committed to providing the best quality service and we always honor the promises we make.


We strive to be innovative with our work and communications keeping us fresh and relevant.

Hard Work

We maintain our gritty “can do” commitment to getting things done correctly.


We work honestly at all times and value our reputation as kind trustworthy people.

Our Team

Our people make CFI. We work hard to support each other and support our clients.